Mechanical & Electrical

MSS undertake turnkey solutions including HVAC, Mechanical and electrical design and installation in accordance with CIBSE standards.

Our offering includes:

  • Central Plant such as: boilers, chillers and air handling unit
  • Distribution systems such as: insulated ductwork and pipework plus electrical containment
  • Terminals such as: HEPA’s, diffusers, pressure relief valves and piped service outlets
  • Ancillaries such as: microbiological safety cabinets, fume cupboards, step over benches¬†etc.
  • Specialist services such as: Water For Injection, purified water, clean compressed air, medical gases, data etc.
  • Control and monitoring systems such as: Building Management Systems, validated particle counters etc.
  • Electrical distribution such as: transformers, switchgear, distribution boards etc.

Who we work with